Microwave Chocolate Mudcake

A microwave chocolate mugcake with dark chocolate, peanut butter and raspberries

This one’s got us running to the kitchen. @amycousins1 classes this badboy as a dessert, but if you have it for breakfast nobody’s going to know 👀 made with Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend


🍫10g Free Soul Chocolate Vegan Protein
🍫1 tbsp Coco Powder
🍫30g Oats
🍫1/2 tsp Baking Powder
🍫1 tsp Oil
🍫3 tbsp Oat Milk
🍫1 tsp Toffee Flav drops
🍫2 squares Dark Chocolate
🍫Smooth Peanut butter


Spray small mug w/ coconut fry light.
Mix all ingredients expect dark choc, raspberries & PB. Once combined, fold through small chunks of dark chocolate. Place in microwaves for 30-45 secs. Serve with desired toppings. 

Enjoy a delicious and healthy treat packed with vegan protein!


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