Cassia Tierney’s Top tips for your first Marathon

Cassia Tierney’s Top tips for your first Marathon

If you’re about to embark on your first marathon, then no doubt the nerves and excitement are starting to kick in. Stepping into the world of long-distance running can present many challenges along the way. We’re talking blisters, shin splints, dodgy tan lines, and a lot of self-discipline, but most importantly you should be proud of the journey you’ve taken to get to this point. Race day is truly a celebration!

Whether you’ve been training to beat a PB or are just happy to be there on the day to take in the incredible energy, Free Soul Ambassador, fitness coach, and host of 9 Lives Podcast, Cassia Tierney, shares her top tips ahead of race day.


Cassia Tierney's Top Tips For Race Day

1. Trust the taper

You’ve put in the gruelling work, the miles have been run, the hard work is done. Now it’s time to taper, one of the most important parts of a marathon training block. It can be a difficult challenge mentally for a runner, you’d think we would all love sleeping in, extra carbs and cutting back on mileage, but the mental game of convincing yourself that you won’t lose fitness is a hard battle. A taper is completely necessary to be recovered, rested and at your best for race day. Trust it. 

2. Carbs are your friend

You wouldn’t race a car without enough fuel, and the same goes for running a marathon. (Or running long-distances in general!) fuelling for sport comes with a different set of rules to general nutrition for wellness. Carbohydrates are the building blocks for energy in our bodies - making sure you increase your intake before race day is essential. You can begin this process around 3-6 days before your event. Your body can only store enough glycogen (energy) to sustain 90 minutes of exercise. After this point, without the extra fuelling, you run the risk of draining all your energy and hitting the famous ‘wall’. Ensure you have a proper fuelling plan before, during and after to recover well.


3. Nothing new on race day

The temptation to load up on fancy new gels, a new pair of brightly coloured spaceship shoes and a brand new vest, is very high. But remember - nothing new on race day. Make sure you are running in gear, shoes and nutrition that you’ve tried and tested during your race block. This could help avoid nasty blisters, chaffing, or stomach issues. Stick to what you know works for you!

4. Self-belief is half the battle

Run YOUR race. At YOUR pace. Race day can feel overwhelming, the urge to go out fast and lean into the adrenaline can be high. Remember this is your race, no one else’s. Take it at your pace. The hard miles will be hard, there is no escaping that, but self-belief is half the battle. You will learn so much about yourself and your ability to do hard things in those moments. Trust in your ability to get yourself to that finish line. 

5. Dedicate each final mile to someone you love

The final miles of a marathon are the most beautiful. You will be tired, you will be emotional, your tank might feel empty. It’s in those moments that you need a higher cause to run for. Dedicating each final mile to someone you love, or in some cases, someone you have lost, is a beautiful way to pull from a strength outside of yourself. Imagine that person cheering you on, or watching you, willing you to finish. Within each of us is a power greater than human.

You have the ability to harness it. Go be extraordinary and remember - have fun, you have worked so hard for this! 

 Lots of Love Cassia xx