Vegan Protein Fruitcake

A blue baking dish filled with chocolate oats, orange cubes and a protein ball

Fruitcake? in Summer? You read it right. We're celebrating Christmas in July with some brand new seasonal recipes which means you get to indulge in Fruitcake all day long and get your vegan protein in too. Sunshine or snow. 

@jemimabeann has created this incredible high protein, vegan, chocolatey version to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • 25g Self Raising Flour 
  • 20g Free Soul Chocolate Protein
  • 10g Mixed Fruit
  • 10g Chocolate Chickpeas 
  • 5g Cinnamon Shot
  • 1tsp Cinnamon and 1/2tsp Ginger
  • 1tbsp Dairy-Free (or regular) Strawberry yogurt mixed with 1/2tsp Ginger 
  • Mixed Peel and 2 Cookies (1 crumbled) 


💫Preheat your oven to 180*c and prepare a ramekin. 
💫Mix all of your ingredients together, apart from your yogurt mix and toppings, and pour in 60ml water. 
💫Pour half of your mix into your ramekin then place your yogurt mix into the centre and pour the other half on top. 
💫Place your mixed peel and cookies on top, bake for 20mins. 
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Merry Christmas 
X Free Soul