Chocolate Chia Coconut Macaroons

Small macaroon bites topped with chocolate and jam
@Amycousins1 has yet again created another indulgent recipe, proving that there's always a tasty way to get your daily dose of Free Soul 🙌 we made a bunch of these and they were gone pretty much instantly, THEY'RE SOOO GOOD, give it a go ladies. 

For the Biscuit
🍪60g Free Soul Vanilla Protein Powder
🍪60g All Purpose Flour
🍪20g Shredded Coconut
🍪1/2 tsp Baking Powder
🍪2 tsp vanilla extract 🍪4 tsp sweetener
🍪100g Butter
🍪Splash of Oat milk

For the Middle
🍪Chia Jam

For the Topping
🍪100g Dark Chocolate
🍪1 tbsp Light Syrup -

1. Combine all ingredients for biscuit (except coconut) and blitz.
2. Add coconut once combined & roll into balls.
3. Set onto baking tray, cook for 8 minutes.
4. Once cooled, layer with jam.
5. Melt the chocolate, dip and cover 1/2 biscuits in chocolate mixture.
6. Set aside too firm.
7. Enjoy!

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