Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae

a bowl of ice cream sundae topped with free soul vegan protein bars and raspberry sauce

The combo you've been dreaming of! You're childhood Ice Cream Sundae with all the best toppings.


  • Ice cream of any or EVERY flavour
  • Syrups
  • Free Soul protein bars
  • Sprinkles


  1. Grab your favourite ice cream dish and load it up with all your favourite flavours
  2. Drizzle sauces of every flavour on top
  3. Cut up a Free Soul protein bar, one in each flavour tastes best and dip them in
  4. Finish with sprinkles to top it off

Details inspired by each flavour 🍨

🍌Banoffee with banana sauce
🍫Brownie with all the extra choc
🥜Nut sprinkles for choc peanut
💗Dark choc rasp with raspberry sauce


Obsessed with this creation by @breakfastbakes

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae packed with vegan protein. Enjoy!

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