Thick & Pink Smoothie Bowl

A bright pink smoothie bowl with a silver spoon in it
Super simple, seriously thick, and sensationally delicious 👌 merci @allyhead for this one! Blitz it up in a couple of minutes, and get fuelled with over 20g of protein, and the bespoke Free Soul mix of vitamins, adaptogens, and minerals to keep you going! 

🤍1 scoop Free Soul vanilla protein
🤍1 frozen banana
🤍A handful of frozen raspberries
🤍A spoonful of Greek Yogurt
🤍A handful of leafy greens like spinach and kale
🤍150 ml almond or oat milk


Blend all the ingredients together to get a smooth consistency.


Pumpkin seeds, granola, and all that you desire

#FreeSoulSistas #fuelledbyfreesoul