Protein Raspberry Brownies

Two black ceramic dishes filled with chocolate cake, raspberries and chocolate chips

On a Sunday, all a Sista really needs is a lil bit of home made 🍫 right? What have we got here @good_morning_gorgeous ? Protein Raspberry Brownies with homemade coconut ice cream you say?! Tell us more!
For the ice cream:
▪️1 can of thick coconut milk, chilled overnight
▪️2 scoops of Free Soul Vanilla Protein
▪️1 tsp vanilla extract ▪️blend and freeze for 4+ hours
For the brownies:
▪️1/3 cup raw cacao
▪️1/2 cup Free Soul Vegan Choc Protein
▪️8 pitted dates
▪️2 tsp almond butter
▪️1/3 cup almond milk
▪️1 tsp melted coconut oil ▪️1 tsp vanilla extract
Process all the wet ingredients first then add in the dry ingredients. Coat small tart pans with coconut oil and fill 3/4 up with batter, top with raspberries and dark choc chips and bake at 325F for 45 min 😄

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