Loaded Choc Raspberry Topped Protein Oats

A brown wooden bowl of pink oats topped with bananas, chocolate and berries

Why not start the day with this LOADED oatmeal bowl, topped with our new Vegan protein bars. Delicious with a rich dark chocolate coating & moist centre - just look at the chocolate melt 🤤 Thanks @Ashleysbowl

Raspberry Velvet Oatmeal Recipe

☆ 55g porridge oats,
☆ 1/2 tsp chia seeds,
☆ 1 tsp hot chocolate powder,
☆ Handful of frozen raspberries,
☆ drop of red food colouring,
☆ 230ml almond milk

~ optional ~
☆ 1 tbsp protein powder (Ashley used salted caramel protein from Free Soul),
☆ Additional splash of almond milk

★ Fresh banana + frozen berries
★ Cacao nibs 
★ Dark choc square 
Protein bar chunks 


⍟ Combine your oats, chia seeds, hot chocolate powder, raspberries, food colouring and plant based milk & stir to combine. Stove cook for around 5-6 minutes until partially thickened.

⍟ Add your protein powder into your oats, mixing well to ensure no lumps form. I like to add the protein when my oats are still a little runny in consistency.

⍟ Transfer to a bowl and top however you please - do not sleep on toppings, they’re essential ✋ once topped, grab a spoon and direct to your mouth 😙

Enjoy our vegan protein oats bowl!


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