Green Free Soul Smoothie Bowl

Green smoothie bowl next to fresh spinach and a bag of protein powder

Looks hella healthy, tastes hella fine 😍 @catherinesergii has created the ultimate healthy start to your Saturday with this fibre & protein packed Free Soul Smoothie Bowl!

You’re getting all the minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens from the Free Soul Blend, plus the delicious taste 👌Whip it up in a minute & feel full for ages as the protein takes time to break down in your body, resulting in sustained energy release.


🌱2 scoops Free Soul vanilla protein
🌱250 ml almond milk
🌱1 tsp goji berries
🌱1 tsp chia seeds
🌱A handful of spinach
🌱1/2 a frozen banana
🌱1/2 mango
🌱1 tsp of pumpkin seeds


Combine all the above ingredients in a blender. Blend or blitz! Top up with a sprinkling of the chia seeds and goji berries. And enjoy💚💚💚 -