Cookie dough soaked oats

A glass filled with a protein smoothie and topped with fruits, chooclate and syrup

Tired of your typical breakfast routine? Fancy a change? Whip up these overnight oats and kick off your day off with a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will keep you full till lunch!
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Cookie dough soaked oats

➡️To make one portion, stir together
🍪60g  Bircher mix (or blitzed oats)

🍪1 scoop Free Soul vanilla protein

🍪1/2 tsp vanilla

🍪1 tsp maca

🍪Pinch of salt

🍪1 tbsp cacao nibs

🍪150ml cashew milk
Leave to soak for 10 mins and then
top with ➡️
thick creamy coconut yogurt
cookie dough cups
cashew butter
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