Choc Spread Filled Mini Protein Pancakes

Chocolate spread filled mini protein pancake pulled apart

Our latest launch has landed. Your fave choc spread is now vegan, high-protein and palm oil free - and it makes the perfect filling for these mini pancakes.

prep by freezing small dollops of the spread overnight
(or for at least an hour before)

60g all purpose flour
20g Free Soul Vegan Vanilla Protein
12 Dollops of Free Soul Vegan Chocolate Protein Spread
100ml almond milk
1/tsp baking powder

Add a teaspoon of the pancake mix to the pan, adding the frozen choc hazelnut spread on top of the mixture in the pan (keep it frozen until the last second as it will melt quickly!) and cover it with more of the batter !

Flip and serve hot 🥵

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