Breakfast Smoothie Pudding

Glasses filled with plant-based milk, crushed raspberries and a pink smoothie

A real winner by @nourishing.amy 😋 A rich and creamy breakfast smoothie pudding that tastes like dessert, packed with antioxidant berries and anti inflammatory ginger! Plus it’ll keep you going all morning because of the high protein content and added Free Soul Key Ingredients; or you can even enjoy it after dinner for a deliciously creamy and healthy pudding 🥰 • 🌸INGREDIENTS⬇
• *30g Free Soul Gingerbiscuit protein
* 50g buckwheat, soaked overnight
* 1 frozen banana 🍌
* 80g frozen raspberries
* 60ml almond milk 🥛 * 2 tbsp coconut 🥥 yoghurt
* 30g raspberries (fresh or defrosted)
* Lots of granola • 🌸DIRECTIONS⬇ •

1. To soak the buckwheat, cover the grains with filtered water and leave in an airtight container overnight. Before using them, drain and rinse the buckwheat with cool water.
2. Add buckwheat, frozen banana, 80g raspberries, ginger protein and almond milk in a food processor or blender and mix until smooth and creamy.
3. Layer a jar with coconut yoghurt, fresh raspberries and lots of granola.
*or use 30g Free Soul vanilla protein with ½ tsp ground ginger. • 🌸Enjoy! •

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