Vanilla protein cream cups

A stack of deserts with a biscuit bottom, cream-coloured top and crushed nuts topping

Desserts that hit your macros, are high in protein for that good fuel, and still taste like actual desserts?! Yep yep NEED. These vanilla protein cupcakes by @vegantastiness are exactly what you neeeed in your life girl!

Vanilla protein cream cups🧁

Ingredients and method ⏬

🧁 Bottom layer:⬇

•1 pack of chocolate cookies
Blend the cookies in a food processor until it will have a smooth consistency(no big chunks) and then add a little bit of water to it(one teaspoon at a time). This can work with any kind of harder cookies, and you doesn’t even have to use oil to get the perfect bottom layer consistency.

🧁 Middle layer⬇

•2 scoops of Free Soul vegan vanilla protein powder

•3 big frozen bananas 🍌

•splash of plant milk
You just have to combine them in a food processor, as you would do it if you were making nicecream.

🧁 Top layer(which is not really a layer but adding some crunchy toppings on top is recommended)
•any kind of granola of choice

➡After you’re done, you just have to pop them in the freezer for a few hours(or a night) and they are done!
It serves around 8 cups. 
You can store them in the freezer for 2 weeks.

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