Sunday Smoothie Bowls

Coconut bowl filled with thick smoothie, fresh berries, a passionfuit and chocolate drizze
Sunday Smoothie Bowls by @bonniebrazilb 💕 in her words, this one tastes “frigging amazinggggg” so you’re gonna want to try this one Sista! The protein is gluten free, soy free, filler free, added sugar free, artificial sweetener free, artificial flavouring free, and absolutely deeeelicious on its own or in a smoothie bowl like this!
Half a banana, half a courgette, a handful of cauliflower florets, a few frozen berries, one scoop of FreeSoul vegan Strawberries & Cream protein, some pressed coconut water, blend and voila!!! 😍
#FreeSoulSistas #FuelledByFreeSoul