Pink Protein Balls

Pink protein balls, some topped with coconut shavings along with raspberries

@amycousins1 recipes are always SO delicious and this one is no exception! 💕 Try this recipe out and pop a few of these Free Soul protein balls in your Tupperware for a filling & healthy snack!

💗30g Free Soul Strawberries & Cream Vegan Protein
💗100g Oats
💗35g Coconut Flour 🥥
💗20g Shredded Coconut 🥥
💗30g Coconut Oil 🥥
💗Lots of light Syrup 🍯
💗Fresh/ Frozen Raspberries
💗Desiccated Coconut 🥥
1. Split the mixture in half [half the protein balls will be pink].
2. Place ingredients in blender, mix until you get a sticky dough.
3. Repeat with second batch.
4. Add splash of water if too dry.
5. Roll the mixture into balls, adding desiccated coconut to the plain ones [optional]
6. Place in freezer for at least an hour.
7. Enjoy!

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