Bowl of chocolate oats topped with oranges, bananas, chocolate and peanut butter

A cosy start to a winter morning šŸ‘€ canā€™t go wrong with this iconic combo that defo gave me a good kick start.

Porridge šŸ„£:

ā€¢ 40g rolled oatsĀ 
ā€¢ 30g chocolate vegan proteinĀ @freesoulsistasĀ 
ā€¢ 200ml water

Toppings šŸ«:

ā€¢ Banana
ā€¢ Orange
ā€¢ Choc orangeĀ chocolate of your choiceĀ 
ā€¢ Powdered peanut butterĀ or regularĀ 
ā€¢ Orange choc shotĀ @sweetfreedomuk


  1. Mix
  2. Microwave or stove cook
  3. Top with your favourites and enjoyĀ 

Tag us if you try it, I would love to see recreations šŸ˜ Thanks @on.and.oatsĀ for this one.Ā