High Protein Pancakes

a plate of high protein pancakes with frozen berries

A flippin’ brilliant start to a day thanks to @becs_fitbites 🥞💕 they taste absolutely insane and are made with Free Soul so you know you’re nourishing your body with the very best! 🤗 


🥞 1 scoop Free Soul Vanilla protein powder
🥞 1 banana
🥞1/2 cup oats
🥞1/2 cup quinoa
🥞3/4 cup coconut milk
🥞Pinch of cinnamon
🥞1 tsp vanilla extract
🥞1/4 tsp baking soda
🥞1/4 cup chocolate chips

METHOD: Put all the above in a blender and blend!!! -

TOPPINGS🍓🍯 Frozen berries, maple syrup

#FreeSoulSistas #fuelledbyfreesoul