Free Soul Fig Energy Bliss Balls

Protein balls covered with nuts in a textured bowl placed on fabric and surrounded by flowers
Picture the scene, you’re at your desk at 11am and the tummy rumbles begin, you want something that’s going to keep you going but ceebs to pop down to Pret. The solution? Your already prepped Free Soul Fig Energy Bliss Balls by @food_balance_stef 😍 high in protein so you’ll be fuelled for ages, made with Free Soul so you’ve got all of our vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens, plus it’s home made!

2 scoops Free Soul vanilla protein powder
10 dried Figs
3 tbsp Oats
3 tbsp walnuts


Put all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until the mixture is uniform. Take a scoop of the mixture in a tablespoon and roll it into a ball. Continue doing this with the rest of the mixture too.
Place all the balls on a tray into the freezer for about an hour to set. Remove and place in an air tight container. Enjoy

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