Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

A white bowl filled with purple smoothie, fresh passionfruit and sliced mango shaped into a rose

@maikenf brightening up your Saturday morning with this insanely delicious and beautiful Free Soul Smoothie Bowl 🥰 we’re big fans of smoothie bowls, they’re filling, easy to make, delicious, and packed full of the macro & micro nutrients your body needs, so give this one a go ladies!


* 3 scoops Free Soul Vanilla protein
* 1 pack frozen dragon fruit
* 1 -2 small red beetroot preferably frozen
* 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
* 1 medium banana previously peeled, sliced, and frozen
* 1/4 cup nut milk
TOPPINGS (optional) * Coconut flakes
* Fresh/frozen fruit
* Granola


1. To a blender add frozen dragon fruit, frozen raspberries, beetroot,banana, Free Soul protein powder, and dairy-free milk. Blend until creamy and smooth. The trick to a thick smoothie bowl is being patient and blending slowly, adding only as much liquid as necessary.
2. Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more banana for sweetness, dairy-free milk for creaminess, or berries for more intense berry flavor.
3. Divide between serving bowls and enjoy as is or top with fresh or frozen fruit fruit, granola, and coconut flakes (optional)


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