Double Chocolate Raspberry Protein Square

Chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips and fresh raspberry toppings

Perfect for what we all need right now, a splash of comfort & positivity in the form of a warming, healthy, and absolutely delicious Double Chocolate Raspberry Protein Square by the incredible @amycousins1 🤗 we’re delivering as usual in case you need to top up to try this delish recipe!


🍒60g Free Soul Chocolate Protein Powder
🍒30g Oats
🍒60g Coco Powder
🍒100g Applesauce
🍒1 Egg
🍒1 tbsp Light Syrup
🍒1tsp Vanilla Extract
🍒200ml Almond/ Oat Milk
🍒30g Oil
🍒45g Choco Chips [20g extra for toppings]
🍒Raspberries [Frozen or fresh]


1. Preheat oven to 180. Line & spray baking tray with @frylighthq.
2. Place oats into blender until fine flour. Add to protein & coco powder.
3. Whisk applesauce, eggs, syrup, milk and vanilla extract until combined. Add to dry ingredients.
4. Melt coco chips & oil in small pan until melted, add to brownie batter once melted. Stir in raspberries.
5. Pour mixture into baking tray, top with remaining choco chips.
6. Bake for 20-25 mins or until knife comes out clean.
7. Allow to cool, then slice into 8-12 squares.
9. Enjoy!

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