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Collagen Gummies

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Collagen Gummies
Collagen Gummies
Collagen Gummies

Collagen Gummies

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Marine Collagen gummies designed to support your beauty routine & nourish your skin, hair, and nails. Simply take 2 delicious gummies every day.

  • Refreshing strawberry flavour
  • Take whenever: 2 gummies a day is all you need
  • Only natural sweeteners and colours
  • Type 1 hydrolysed collagen


Frequency: Every 4 weeks

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Rhi D.

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“Love these, they taste incredible! I've been taking them for a few months and have really noticed a difference in my hair and nails.”

  • Our Marine Collagen gummies contain all the collagen you need to properly support beautiful skin, hair, and nails, all in a convenient an tasty gummy form. Simply take two of these throughout the day, and enjoy the benefits of the Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen.

  • Recommended Usage

    Take whenever: Two gummies every day is all you need!

    Consistency matters: It is recommended to stick to the routine for a minimum of 12 weeks and continue with daily use to experience the supplement’s benefits.

    Do Not Exceed: Stick to the recommended daily intake.

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Ingredients: Malt Syrup, White Granulated Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Fish Collagen Peptides, Natural Colour (Purple Carrot Concentrate), Natural Strawberry Flavour.

Typical Values Per 2 Gummies:
Marine Collagen 150mg


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take these gummies, or Free Soul's Liquid Collagen Sachets? 
Our Liquid Collagen Supplement represents the highest standard in collagen supplementation, and is one of the most advanced collagen supplements on the planet. Our Collagen Gummies are a helpful boost to your beauty routine. If you're over the age of 25, we would recommend the Liquid Collagen Sachets, and if you're 25 or younger, we would recommend these gummies. 

When will I notice a difference in my skin?
A combination of customer feedback & clinical research shows that results can be seen in as little as two weeks for some, while for others it can take longer. We recommend taking Collagen daily for 12 weeks for best results.

How does Collagen work?
The beauty industry's obsession with this protein is not without reason. Collagen is the key structural component of our skin for elasticity, firmness, and hydration. The mechanism of collagen supplementation lies in its ability to stimulate the body's own collagen production. When consumed orally, collagen peptides are broken down into smaller amino acids that are then absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the skin. These amino acids signal the body to produce more collagen..

When is the best time to take these Collagen Gummies?
Consume them at any time of day! The time of day doesn't matter, but being consistent does. We recommend supplementing your collagen intake daily for 12 weeks for best results.