Vegan Pancake Stacks

Stack of three pancakes with chocolate drizzle, cream and a fork on top

Vegan Pancake Stacks by @spamellab 😍 ok everyone loves pancakes because they’re delish right, but these are SO delish, they keep you full for absolutely ages, and they’re healthy!

Made with Free Soul so you’re getting a macronutrient rich meal reinforced with vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens. Give it a go and remember to tag us in your recipes for a repost! 


🥞1 scoop Free Soul vanilla protein
🥞1 banana
🥞250ml oat or almond milk
🥞120g oat flour
🥞1 tsp baking powder

Serve with

🥞Freeze-dried blueberries
🥞Vegan chocolate sauce

Get making

Blend the pancake ingredients together in a blender and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Heat some oil in a small pancake pan and 1-2 tbsp of the batter (for 1 pancake). Cook for a few minutes until bubbles form then gently flip and continue cooking for a couple more minutes. Place on a plate and keep warm.

Repeat with rest of batter (should make 4-5 pancakes). Stack on top of each other and serve with yogurt, berries and drizzle with chocolate sauce.