Free Soul Protein Cookies

Brown cookies drizzled in chocolate next to a bag of Free Soul protein powder
Soft, warm, makes you feel great, good for your health, and delicious? If you like your cookies like you like your partners look no further 🥳 Free Soul Protein cookies by @amycousins1 are everything you need from Monday to Sunday as your meal prepped snacks 😍 -
🍪30g Free Soul Chocolate Vegan Protein
🍪1 Can Chickpeas
🍪150g Smooth Nut Butter
🍪80g Syrup
🍪2tsp Cacao Powder
🍪1tsp Vanilla Extract
🍪1/2 tsp Baking Powder
🍪Cacao Nibs
🍪Choc Shot

    Pre-heat oven & line a baking tray. Place all ingredients (except cacao nibs & choc shot) in blender. Mix until combined. Using a spoon, divide & place mixture on tray. Cook for 13-15 mins - they will come out soft! Leave too cool. Top w/ cacao nibs & lots of choc shot. Enjoy!! #FreeSoulSistas

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