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Got… nut milk? 

Gone are the days when your choice of milk was limited to skimmed, semi or full fat; with the popularity of veganism and dairy-free diets skyrocketing, there’s now a whole lot more out there you can milk than just a cow (but please don’t get us started on how you ‘milk’ an almond)! Long lasting, great-tasting and allergen-friendly, it’s no wonder that milk alternatives are now lining up your supermarket shelves. Whether you’re dairy-free or not, there’s some awesome options to discover which will add new flavours and benefits to your smoothies, shakes and protein porridge bowls. Here’s our top 10 picks…

Almond Milk

One of the most popular milk alternatives, almond milk is loved by many for good reason. Nutritious and versatile, this is a staple for your fridge, ready for pancakes, baking recipes, oats, smoothies – you name it, almond milk can do it! But watch out – not all are created equal, so watch out for sneaky added sugars or stabilisers. Our go-to almond milk shake? Simply mix up a scoop of your favourite Free Soul Protein with Alpro unsweetened almond milk and ice for a cool, creamy milkshake!

Oat Milk

If you’re looking to ditch dairy completely, there’s only one milk alternative that truly hits the spot – oat milk. Low in fat, high in fibre, environmentally smart AND oh so creamy, oat milk is the real MVP of the plant-based milk game. Grab a carton of Oatly Barista Edition and you won’t be disappointed; it won’t curdle in your tea, it’ll foam perfectly for your flat white and will make your morning bowl of protein oats taste extra indulgent!

Rice Milk 

Gluten & nut-free, rice milk is the ultimate, allergen-free milk. Sweet in taste thanks to its higher carbohydrate content, try a brown rice milk shake when those sugar cravings strike – or just drink it straight from the carton! Look for a fortified version to make sure you’re hitting your calcium goals, or pair with a scoop of our nutritionist-approved Free Soul Protein so your vitamins and mineral needs are fully covered!

Coconut Milk

Ready to be transported straight to the Caribbean? Get ready for all the tropical vibes by adding this plant-based alternative to your smoothies, curries or cocktails – dairy-free Pina Colada anyone?! Higher in fat & lower in carbohydrates, this is a great choice for those who swear by low carb plans like keto. But be warned, with so many coconut milks now on the market, it’s important to pick smart and check for additives, stabilisers and watered-down products! Try Plenish or Lucy Bee for a high-quality milk you can trust.

Hazelnut Milk

Chocolate fiends? Take your chocolate protein shake game up a gear by opting for hazelnut milk to give you a healthy Nutella vibe! Great in protein brownie recipes or pancake stacks too – you’ll struggle to believe it’s good for you!

Tiger Nut Milk

Feeling wild and ready for something a bit more adventurous? Nothing to do with nuts or tigers, tiger nuts are actually tubers that grow underground, producing a creamy milk with a hint of sweetness to add a little kick to smoothies. It’s a great alternative for those who suffer with nut or gluten allergies… or those who just dare to be different! Try Rude Health’s organic version that comes without added sugar or thickeners.

Cashew Milk

Because is there a nut we won’t try to milk? Enter cashew milk, the creamier alternative to its more popular counterpart, almond milk. A natural source of protein, this will supercharge your mid-afternoon Free Soul shake and give you an extra boost of goodness. We love Plenish’s; containing just cashews, filtered water and salt!

Hemp Seed Milk

Next on the list, hemp milk! Previously only associated with smoking that Mary Jane, hemp seed comes from the same plant but has no psychoactive properties and a whole lot more health benefits! High in protein and a great source of Omega 3,6 & 9, Good Hemp’s milk alternative is super sustainable and mild in taste. Great for protein porridge, cereal or a good old milky brew.

Macadamia Milk

A little slow in reaching the UK, macadamia milk has long been a firm favourite over in Aus. So why do the guys down under think this is alternative milk is so special? Well, if you’re usually a full fat, spoon the cream off the top of the milk kinda’ gal, you’ll be happy to know this is the creamiest plant milk going, plus it’s low sugar, keto friendly and an excellent source of vitamins D and B12! UK – what are we waiting for?!

Soy Milk

How could we forget the OG of milk alternatives? Before oat, almond and tiger milk came along, soy milk was the only alternative for ahead of the curve dairy-dodgers. Sure, it sometimes gets a bad rap for its distinct and unique taste but pick wisely and you’ll see why it’s stood the test of time. Try Bonsoy – made with organic soya beans, it’s known for a mellow and subtly sweet flavour and impressive versatility, making it a great choice for pouring in your cereal, smoothie bowls or morning coffee!

So, which to choose? Whilst all have their benefits, oat milk takes the top spot as the ultimate dairy free milk alternative. Versatile and creamy, a barista blend oat milk is perfect for all your milk-based needs, whether you’re a professional barista or a plant-based super baker! Containing more riboflavin and B-2 than cow’s milk, 100ml of Oatly’s fortified version also contains 30% of your daily vitamin D intake & 15% of your calcium intake! And thanks to all those fibre-filled oats, it also boasts a healthy dose of carbohydrates – just what you need!

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