The best subscriptions to gift this Christmas

Pink FS boxes

For gifts that keep on giving...

Free Soul 

Who are we?

Free Soul is the home of female wellness - creating, developing and producing an incredible range of supplements, capsules and powders with the help of clinical nutritionists.

With a range specifically designed to support the unique needs of the female body and enhance and improve the lives of women across the globe, there's something for every woman in your life.

What’s on offer?

With a female-focused vegan protein blend, advanced greens formulation (Free Soul Greens), and daily collagen supplement available on subscription - there’s no better gift than one that promises to level up her wellness. 


Who are they?

Coffee pods that don’t cost the planet. Their (pretty pink) packaging is compostable, vegan and organic - turning the environmental impact of single-use plastic coffee pods on its head. Plus, they’re compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. 

What’s on offer?

Choose how many coffees you typically drink per day, your blend of choice (house, light, dark etc) and whether you’ll need pods or beans - whole or ground. All that’s left for you is to wait for your monthly subscription to arrive and let the coffee of your dreams brew without fail, every single day. 


Who are they?

Those pretty pastel razors you keep seeing everywhere. Meet Estrid, the sustainable vegan razor subscription service that means you'll never run out of sharp blades again. 

What’s on offer?

Select the shade and you’ll receive a Starter Kit with two cartridges and a matching wall mount to hold your razor in the shower. Then, you'll get your new razor heads delivered on a subscription basis, however frequently you like - all depending on how often you shave.

Pasta Evangelists 

Who are they?

Pasta Evangelists was born to bring the freshness and quality of authentic italian pasta to British kitchens, conveniently, quickly and deliciously.

By delivering the best pasta in the UK directly to your door, alongside beautiful sauces and garnishes sourced from Italy, you can prepare 5* pasta dishes from the comfort of your own home in as little as 5 minutes. 

What’s on offer?

An ever-changing, seasonal and inspiring weekly menu designed by their in-house team of chefs, (with an appearance from all the classics you’d expect). Think creamy carbonara of dreams, gluten-free penne with pistachio pesto or vegan pea and shallot ravioli. 

Sip Champagnes 

Who are they?

Artisan Champagnes delivered to your door, as and when you choose. Sign us up. With so many growers producing so many fantastic Champagnes, it's understandable to be unsure of where to start.

That's where Sip Champagnes' curated subscriptions step in. Expertly curated each month, giving unique access to Champagnes you won't find anywhere else, it's your own personal guide through the Champagne region.

What’s on offer?

Choose from one, two, five or nine bottles per month, and receive your bundle of hand-selected Champagne delivered to you each month from the very farmers who work the land, tend the soil and care for the vines.

Plus, expect tailored tasting notes, the most interesting single varieties and invitations to live discussions with winemakers too.