Our fave female-led brands

Our fave female-led brands

At Free Soul we’re surrounded by inspiring women; our community, our ambassadors, the women who work behind the scenes. This IWD we’re taking the time to acknowledge and encourage the other influential ladies we’ve had the pleasure of admiring, knowing, working alongside or watching from behind the scenes. From all walks of life, these women have significant work ethic, drive and motivation, and have gone on to create businesses doing what they love. If this doesn't inspire you, we don't know what will.

Rixo Co-Founders
RIXO was founded in 2015 by best friends Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey. The pair created their brand to fill the gap in the contemporary market with their easy-to-wear, feminine shapes, and high-quality materials. They wanted RIXO to be everything from inclusive to empowering and so created original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes to flatter all women, regardless of age, size, nationality or time. They hope there is something in their range for everybody, helping them feel like the best version of themselves.

Hirestreet's CEO and Founder Isabella West
Hirestreet’s CEO and Founder, Isabella West built Hirestreet to compete with fast fashion. The fashion rental platform allows customers to rent clothes at affordable prices from the brands they love whilst helping to reduce its carbon, water, and waste footprint. Hirestreet has become the British go-to for sustainable outfits, but the brand is also building a community of empowered individuals, with inclusivity, creativity and care for our planet. We’re truly inspired by this female led brand. Use FREESOUL10 for 10% off when you shop with HS.

Neom Founder Nicola Elliot
Neom Organics founder Nicola Elliot started her company in 2005 because of her strong passion about the positive effects of natural oils. She was so eager and driven to start her own business, that she left her old career to pursue her dreams and aspirations. NEOM fragrances are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits: to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or lift your mood.

Pilates With Georgia

Georgia with Pilates - Georgia’s passion for Pilates started from a young age as she grew up watching her mum train to become an instructor, build her own business and continue to push herself to always learn. Knowing it was something she’d like to follow her into but never knowing when would be the ‘right time’, in 2020 Georgia had a massive realisation and took the plunge and started her Pilates teaching training, set up an instagram account and developed her brand. A year on she quit her full time job and put absolutely everything into ‘Pilates with Georgia’. Georgia has kindly offered our community 25% any membership when you use the code FREESOUL.

Connie Nam founder of Astrid & Miyu
Astrid & Miyu was born in 2012 by Connie Nam. Connie describes her brand and range as ‘a playground for jewellery lovers’. Connie was inspired by her mother, and jewellery had been a part of her life from a young age. She saw an opportunity within the market to bring something different by offering products that were full of sentiment and innovative in design. Connie wanted her brand to be inclusive and empowering, so expect cutting edge design methods that add modern flare to their ranges that are constantly improving and evolving. We’re big fans of their welded friendship bracelets!

Vieve Muse founder Jamie Genevieve
Vieve Muse was founded by Jamie Genevieve in 2020. Jamie created Vieve from an innate passion for artistry and a deep understanding of the positive impact makeup can have. All of Vieve’s products are expertly crafted using formulas that are innovative and inclusive. As a female led brand they provide the products alongside the tips, tricks and techniques to achieve all possible looks, with endless inspiration on their feed.

Unndr Founder
Unndr was founded by Sofia Panwar. The Unndr subscription is all about establishing a better way to embrace celebrating our natural figures and redefining beauty in our own terms. Sofia has created a monthly lingerie box that’s so much more than your average subscription, instead it’s an experience designed for women to discover and learn more of what they love about themselves on a monthly basis. Use SOUL10 for 10% off this inspiring and empowering brand.

Toco Swim Founders
Toco Swim was born in the Summer of 2016, founded by Charlotte and Olivia who were accountants before deciding to create their swimwear brand. The girls take their inspiration from their Trindadian heritage, where the culture encourages embracing your figure, irrespective of body shape both on the beach and off. Trindad’s fabulous, bold and flamboyant carnival costumes once a year proudly showcase the female form in all its glory and inspire Toco’s collections, so you can expect beautiful swimwear in bold cuts and colours all year round. Toco’s ambition is to create swimwear designed to stand out and to make women feel confident, empowered, comfortable and sexy, and we couldn’t think of a better message to lie behind our fave bikinis.

SOJO Founder

SOJO was founded by Josephine Philips. Josephine began her brand with the idea of helping to change the world of fashion. She states: ‘Fashion doesn't fit. Our bodies. Our values. Our planet. Fashion needs a new fit.’ She created a brand that ensures your clothing is made to fit you and repaired when the time comes. SOJO partners with brands such as Ganni, Ninety Percent and Cinta. What a brilliant idea it is to amend your clothes as people grow and change. We couldn’t agree more with SOJO that your wardrobe should change with you.

Syrona Founders

Syrona Health was co-founded by Chantelle Bell and Anya Roy. They’re creating accessible care and contributing toward research by building a team full of scientists, doctors, developers, designers and business people to fight gender inequality in medicine. Their mission is to support women through their gynaecological health journey as well as support individuals with health transitions during their career. Syrona provides a virtual health support system via an app to take control of your health. 

This International Women’s Day we’re here to remind you that you’re strong, capable, want to remind you that if you want something, believe in it, you will achieve it!


**At Free Soul, your well-being is our priority, and although we pride ourselves on our expertise in women's health and wellbeing, it is important to acknowledge the individuality of each person. Features published by Free Soul are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, or replace the advice of your GP. We always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider if you encounter any health concerns, and we’ll always be here to support you so you’re never alone on your journey.