Five More Eco Friendly Makeup Products You Need to Know About

A woman applying makeup with a fluffy beauty brush

The cosmetic industry is heavily criticised for its impact on the planet. From plastic packaging, to toxic chemicals ending up in our oceans, to animal testing, a lot needs to be changed. Such problems cannot be overlooked any longer. Below is a list of brands and products that may help you move towards a more eco-friendly makeup bag.

1. Bare Minerals

Popular brand Bare Minerals has been providing the makeup industry with paraben free makeup since 1995. The products are mostly vegan and some are even free from gluten. Bare Minerals is a cruelty free brand with a strong message that natural is better. Despite all this, Bare Minerals does not sacrifice on quality, with celebrity ambassadors such as Hailey Baldwin and Letitia Wright swearing by their products.

2. Vegan Lip To Lid Balmies

These versatile crayons may be used on your lips, eyes and cheeks to provide a natural flush of colour. These three-in-one products are easy to carry around for a quick touch up and the perfect birthday gift. The packaging is entirely compostable and the stick itself consists of fewer than ten ingredients, making this product good for your skin and good for the environment! With nine different shades, there is sure to be a stick suitable for all skin tones.

 3. Ecotools

All makeup brushes by Ecotools are made from recycled and renewable materials, helping to combat waste in the beauty industry. This you can feel good about saving the environment while doing your everyday makeup routine! These brushes come in packages of different sizes, depending on your makeup tool needs. Furthermore, their ‘bioblender,’ made from five earth-friendly ingredients is a perfect alternative for other popular makeup sponge brands. It is also important to note that washing your makeup tools regularly will help them last longer without you feeling the need to dispose them, which is more cost efficient, better for the environment and cleaner for your skin.

4.Eco Glitter Fun

Glitter has detrimental consequences on the environment as it is ultimately made from plastic and gets pushed into oceans, destroying habitats. Eco Glitter Fun have designed a bio-degradable glitter that is better for our environment. The glitter comes with an Aloe Vera gel pot and an eco friendly bamboo applicator. Glitter is a fun way to experiment with makeup and take your look to the next level, but next time you find yourself getting ready for a festival or party, consider Eco Glitter Fun and encourage others to do the same.

 5. Tabitha Eve Reusable Makeup Rounds

It is one thing to start using eco-friendly makeup products and tools to help against environmental damage, but makeup removal is one of the most detrimental culprits in the industry. From makeup wipes to single use cotton, it is necessary for us to find sustainable alternatives. Tabitha Eve’s reusable makeup rounds are made from cotton and bamboo and can be washed and used over and over again. Simply apply your favourite toner or micellar water and swipe over the face.

 It is refreshing to see new, innovative brands bring fresh ideas to the beauty industry. However, it is undeniable that a lot more needs to be done, both by companies and consumers for a real impact to be made. Make your swap to eco-friendly makeup products now and let us know how you get on by tagging us on Instagram @freesoulsistas!