A Nutritionist’s Festive Health Rules

A Nutritionist’s Festive Health Rules

Emily English’s approach to nutrition might not be what you’d expect from a conventional nutritionist, but Em isn’t a conventional nutritionist.

BSc ANutr registered, with a degree from the prestigious King's College London, she’s also from a family of chefs. It’s her love for cooking, and marrying the science with her passion for the food on our plates that inspires her unique approach.

She makes the food you want to eat. Home-cooked, comforting classics, with a nutritionally balanced approach. So we asked Em for her three most simple rules to guide you through the festive season - to maintain that balance during the most notoriously indulgent time of year. 

Whether it’s small hacks to keep in mind when you’re browsing the Boxing Day buffet, or altering your mindset to build a better relationship with food over the festive season, these tips will help you to be mindful over the holidays, without being restrictive.

(Whilst we're all for maintaining as many healthy habits as you can - don't forget to indulge in a few of the not-so-healthy ones too.)

Em's Festive Health Rules

  1. When it comes to those three course festive meals, opt for something fibre and protein-based to start, this will help to reduce your blood sugar spikes. Bitter food like rocket and lemon dressing can help tackle this spike too.
  2. Try and take yourself out for a walk, or some simple movement after eating a big meal. Not only will this aid your digestion, but it will help to keep your blood sugar stable too. We’ve all experienced the post-Christmas lunch slump, this will help to keep that at bay.  
  3. Don't throw away all your feel-good habits in December, just for the sake of it. Stay consistent with as many of the simple steps in your daily routine as possible - like getting in your greens, moving your body and eating lots of colour and vegetable diversity. Not only will this ensure you’re feeling your best throughout the festive season, but it will set you up for the best start to the new year too. 

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