A Nutritionist’s AM and PM Routine

Women with Chelsea Peers Bright Orange Pyjamas running a bath

Establishing balance in our lives is crucial for our well-being, our hormones and our productivity - to name a few. By implementing regular routines in the morning and evening, we can set the tone for the day ahead and unwind and recharge at night. Routines not only promote consistency in healthy habits but also help in building new ones. We’re breaking down our in-house nutritionist’s personal morning and evening routines, in collaboration with Chelsea Peers – who create the comfiest PJs, loungewear and more – to help inspire you to create your own for a healthy girl summer.

Morning Routine

Rise and Shine

I wake up at around 6am, allowing myself ample time to kick-start the day in the right way. Rising early promotes a relaxed morning and sets a positive tone for the day. By maintaining a consistent wake time, I balance my circadian rhythms, enhance energy levels, and ensure I have enough time to prepare myself for a great day. 

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After waking up, I prioritise hydration throughout the day while preventing unnecessary single-use plastic with Chelsea Peers' reusable stainless steel water bottle. It's even adorned with galloping zebras, hand-drawn in the brand's West London studio! This replenishes fluids lost during sleep and aids digestion. I aim to consume between 500ml and 1 litre of water in the morning. 


Morning movement is an excellent way to wake up and invigorate the body. I enjoy going for a morning run or walk, which energises me and boosts my mood. Physical activity gets the blood flowing and sets the stage for a productive day.

Drink Greens

Following my morning preparations, I make a glass of Free Soul Greens. This powerful concoction contains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a serving of green vegetables. It aids digestion and conveniently supplements a healthy, balanced diet. It’s a great way to begin to stack and build your habits, and a nutritional safety blanket for your day - I always try to get vegetables through my diet, but especially on busy days, it’s not always possible!

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Eat High-Protein Breakfast

As someone who is always hungry in the morning, I opt for a well-balanced breakfast that includes carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fibre to fuel my day. Some of my favourite options are overnight protein oats, protein smoothies, and eggs on toast. By ensuring my breakfast is high in protein, I feel satiated and maintain sustained energy throughout the morning. Free Soul Vegan Protein blends make it easy to create delicious, high-protein breakfasts.

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

One of my favourite rituals is preparing a cup of coffee. Coffee provides a gentle energy boost and mental clarity, but it's important to consume it in moderation. I also ensure I have my coffee no later than 12 hours before I plan to sleep, so it doesn't affect my sleep quality.

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Journal and Plan Your Day

While savouring my coffee, I take a few moments to journal my thoughts, feelings, or goals for the day. Reflecting and setting intentions help clarify my priorities, encourage focus, and enhance productivity. It's the perfect way to cultivate a healthy mindset and stay motivated throughout the day.


Evening Routine

Warm Shower and Comfy Clothes

To unwind from the day's activities, I enjoy a relaxing warm shower and change into comfortable clothes. This signals to my body that it's time to relax and wind down. During hot summer nights, I choose lightweight, breathable sleepwear made from natural fabrics, like Chelsea Peers' organic cotton and linen, to ensure comfort and a good night's rest. 

Peppermint Tea and Chocolate

I cosy up on the couch with a soothing cup of Pukka three mint tea, known for its calming properties. I pair it with some dark chocolate, which contains antioxidants and magnesium, and can improve mood and relaxation. This combination is the perfect treat to satisfy any evening sweet tooth.

Minimise Bright Light

As the evening progresses, I make an effort to limit my exposure to bright lights, especially from electronic devices. Bright light can interfere with the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Simple measures like setting my phone to sleep mode can be helpful in this regard.

Read a Book

Evenings are an ideal time to pick up a book and prioritise reading over screen time. Engaging in a relaxing activity like reading a book or listening to an audiobook helps shift the focus away from screens, stimulates imagination, and promotes relaxation.

Quality Night's Sleep

I aim to go to bed between 10-10:30 pm each night to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and regulate my body's internal clock. Creating a sleep-friendly environment is essential, including keeping the room cool, dark, and quiet, and opting for a bedding set that sets the tone for a peaceful slumber. 

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Establishing a healthy and balanced morning and evening routine can greatly impact overall well-being and productivity. By incorporating hydration, movement, nourishing foods, self-reflection, relaxation, and quality sleep, we set ourselves up for success. Remember, routines are personal, so feel free to adapt and customise these suggestions to fit your lifestyle and preferences. Starting small, remaining consistent, and enjoying the benefits of a well-rounded daily routine will lead to healthier and happier days ahead. 


Written by Harriet Lidgard 

Nutritionist (BSc) & Health Coach