4 women in wellness talk us through their self-love routines

4 women in wellness talk us through their self-love routines

At Free Soul self-care and self-love are at the forefront of everything we do. It doesn’t lie in one big unachievable act, it’s in the small daily habits and actions you take time to do for you. And, whether that’s making your favourite meal, lighting your favourite candle or wearing your favourite outfit. Putting yourself first not only allows you to achieve happiness, but it means you can pass it onto all of your favourite people around you too.

For some of us, finding that place, moment or act to show ourselves love can be hard. Even when we find it easy to show others. We asked four of the wellness loving women in our community to give you an intimate look into their self-love routines. We hope you find some inspiration on incorporating self-love into your daily life… 

Talilla Henchoz 

Firstly I start with my body and how I fuel it. When I take time to make myself a really nice meal I feel like I am really nourishing it. I'll go and buy my fave ingredients (think loads of roasted veggies, baked salmon and a spicy asian dressing) and spend an hour or so with music on, candles lit, creating a delicious meal and enjoying the whole process - basically a date night with myself. The second thing I do is get out into nature. When I need to look after my mind, I take myself away from the daily craziness of work life and the busy humdrum of the city into the fresh air. Every day this means getting to the park with Bisi [my dog] but when I can I grab the opportunity to get down to the coast to be by the ocean. Thirdly, I do something which makes me smile. Whether that's having coffee with a friend, a phone call with my mum, trying a new workout or fitness class or even as simple as turning up my fave music and dancing round the kitchen like a crazy cat while my coffee brews. It doesn't have to be fancy, or even cost any money but it's selfless-ly and unapologetically just for me.

 Emily English

  1. Move my body in a way that makes me feel good. I love long walks outside on sunny days or a reformer pilates class. They always make me feel so strong and energised.
  1. Eat food that is good for both my body and my mind. Colourful, fresh and healthy food makes me feel amazing but a pizza night and a glass of red wine are always needed for the soul. 
  1. Take time to get ready. I always find that if I wake up, shower, and put on a nice outfit and a spritz of perfume I immediately feel like I have everything together. Allowing myself to do that, makes the biggest difference to my mood and my day. 
  1. Saying no and spending time with myself. Self-love is about prioritising yourself, and sometimes I just need a good night in with a movie. I’ve started to say no more this year and I’m really feeling the benefits. 

 Carly Rowena

Unlike everything else in life, self love is something I make a priority to be slow at. Slower when I moisturise or wash my body, kinder when I dress It, choosing clothing that feels soft or silky. Self love for me is utilising my senses, finding pleasure in the little things and taking notice of how my body and mind responds to different smells, environments and products. 

Zoe Antonia

Love is a funny thing, hey. It's all around us but sometimes I’ve felt myself feeling alone - I think a lot of the time it's because we're missing that love from ourselves. One of the most important kinds of love. Truly, there’s no one else who can understand and support you in the ways that you can for you. Showing love to myself looks like cooking nourishing home cooked meals, showing myself compassion and zero judgement towards my feelings rather than avoiding them and even self pleasure. There are so many special ways you can show love to yourself and the best thing about it is, the more you show up fully for yourself the more you can show up for your purpose, your family and your friends.

We hope you've found inspiration to add a little more self-love into your life. And remember, love isn't just for Galentine's or Valentine's, try adding it into your every day.