4 ways to restore balance in your body

4 ways to restore balance in your body

Feeling a little bit like you might have overdone it this Christmas? We’ve been there, Sista. Here are a few ways we like to get back on track…

Hydrating after alcohol consumption

The golden rule of hangovers. Alcohol can cause imbalances in our electrolytes – particularly sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium, all of which play a role in maintaining fluid balance in the body. In the day after drinking aim for a minimum of 1.5 litres of water to support your liver with effectively excreting waste products, and reach for green tea - great for hydration and liver support too. 


Listening to your gut after overeating & drinking

Indulging, drinking, lack of sleep and a season full of rich foods and flavours can all cause havoc for your gut. Everyone will react totally differently to heavy food and drink, but only you know your body - so make sure you listen to it. Think you need something in your stomach? Refuel. Think you need a few extra hours of rest? Sleep in. 


Matcha, similar caffeine, milder on the stomach

It’s easy to resort to caffeine to get you through the day after a bad night’s sleep, but it can cause issues for your stomach - especially if it’s empty. Think about reaching for a matcha instead, which is more alkaline than coffee with almost the same caffeine content. The lower acidity means matcha may also be a better choice if you suffer from a sensitive stomach.


Fighting bloating with probiotic foods and supplements

Woke up with a sensitive stomach? Reach for a breakfast packed with probiotic foods like kefir and natural live yoghurt, and make sure you’re taking your daily probiotic, like the Free Soul Gut Health Capsules - packed with 50 Billion CFU and 16 live strains, they deliver the support your gut needs in one single capsule. Avoid sugary fruit juices and fizzy drinks, (and hair of the dog, if you can help it) which can add to the feeling of bloating. And, whilst a takeaway can be so tempting on a hangover, turn to something fresh, colourful and home cooked instead, so you’re not consuming more salt, sugar and processed foods than necessary. 


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