3 things you need to know about your hormones - from a GP, Nutritionist and Mental Wellness coach

3 things you need to know about your hormones - from a GP, Nutritionist and Mental Wellness coach

As females we are unique. Our biology is different, and at Free Soul, we recognise that wellness can also look very different for each and every one of us because of this. We spoke with a few hand picked professionals from new women’s wellness platform, Curate, to help us understand a little more about our hormones and how we can manage them to become the best version of ourselves.

Curate is the world's first solution that not only gives you full control and visibility of your hormone health but also provides you with a completely unique mental wellness programme to help manage it.

Here's the advice we got when it comes to your hormones, from Curate's in-house GP, Nutritionist and Mental Wellness coach.

Head Medical Advisor at Curate, Dr. Mia
Dr. Mia, who has over 15 years of experience, said hormonal imbalances can affect anyone, regardless of their age and gender but they're more common in women, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

Dr. Mia states the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances include fatigue, weight gain, acne, mood swings, and irregular periods. If these symptoms sound familiar, now is the time to take action to get these symptoms under control.

Head of Nutrition at Curate, Sophie
Sophie advises that what you eat can significantly impact your hormone levels. A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates can cause insulin resistance, which leads to an imbalance of other hormones.

However, on the flip side, a diet rich in healthy fats, protein, and fibre can help regulate hormone production. Sophie recommends incorporating foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, oily fish, and leafy greens into your diet to support hormonal health. She also suggests avoiding processed foods, sugary drinks, and caffeine.

However, sometimes ensuring you provide yourself with the correct, clean foods can be difficult when ‘life gets in the way’ and we turn to easy, processed foods. So, we’ve got you covered, our Free Soul-Greens (LINK) will feed your body with all the vitamins and minerals you need as a woman in just one teaspoon.

The Free Soul Vegan Protein Blend is another perfect blend to get to know, as it provides you with 20g of lean plant-based protein in just a 30g scoop! It contains ingredients such as peruvian maca which was traditionally used to help regulate female hormonal balance and improve mood.

Head of Mental Wellness at Curate, Molly
Molly explained that lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and exercise can all have an impact on your hormone levels. Lack of sleep can disrupt the production of hormones like cortisol, which can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Molly recommends getting at least seven hours of sleep each night and practising stress-reducing activities like meditation or yoga. The Free Soul Natural Sleep Complex contains 5-HTP, Chamomile, L-Tryptophan and Lemon Balm all of which have been proven to promote better sleep quality.

Exercise is also crucial for regulating hormones, as it helps maintain a healthy weight, increases bone density and promotes the production of feel-good hormones like serotonin.

Knowledge is power and at Free Soul we want to help you ladies learn as much as you can about your own body to help you become the best version of yourself. We've teamed up with Curate to offer one member of our Free Soul community the chance to win a one-year subscription to Curate, plus a hormone balancing bundle from Free Soul - including a 3 month subscription to the Vegan Protein Blend, Free Soul Greens powder and Probiotics



**At Free Soul, your well-being is our priority, and although we pride ourselves on our expertise in women's health and wellbeing, it is important to acknowledge the individuality of each person. Features published by Free Soul are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, or replace the advice of your GP. We always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider if you encounter any health concerns, and we’ll always be here to support you so you’re never alone on your journey.