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Working out contributes to a healthy body and mind, making you feel like the best version of yourself. Over the last year, the pandemic has seen various aspects of our daily life move online, including working out. Below is a list of five online workouts which will leave you feeling happy, healthy and ready to seize the day!

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting quickly rose to social media fame at the beginning of the pandemic. Her ‘2 Weeks Shred Challenge’, available for free on her website, is known all over the world. The music and motivational comments by Chloe throughout the workout inspire you to the finish line. These short yet effective workouts use your own body weight. There are a range of videos available on her YouTube channel, allowing you to choose which body area you would like to target.

Type of workout: Body-weight strength training

Price of subscription: Free

Mr and Mrs Muscle

This Instagram and YouTube based workout is perfect regardless of your fitness level and gender. If the thought of working out without guidance is daunting to you, fear not! These videos clearly demonstrate what you should be doing. For beginners, there are modifications available in the top left corner of each video to make the moves a little easier. Through Instagram, Mr and Mrs muscle regularly answer any questions you may have through the Q and A on their stories. Turn on post notifications to be reminded of new workout routines.

Type of workout: Weight training

Price of subscription: Free

Barry’s At Home

If you really want to get your sweat on, try Barry’s At Home by the famous Barry’s Bootcamp. This workout is guaranteed to make you feel the burn. The loud music and live instructor bring this workout class favourite to your doorstep. This class is perfect if you struggle to motivate yourself or workout without company, as all participants on the Zoom call drive each other to push harder. Each day combines cardio with strength training of a different body part. Although a little pricey, the cost of each class decreases the more you buy.

Type of workout: HIIT cardio and weight training 

Price of subscription: Approx. £14 per class

The Fitness Marshall

The Fitness Marshall by Caleb Marshall is a YouTube dance class which will boost your endorphins while burning a few extra calories. Caleb uses popular songs in each of his videos to keep this class fun and engaging. Be sure to bring your family and friends along to dance and spread the positivity!

Type of workout: Dance

Price of subscription: Free

Alo Yoga

If you desire a more peaceful approach to working out, Alo Yoga will be right up your alley. This yoga clothing brand brings their own online workout through 15 and 30 minute videos. Whether you are looking for a sense of calmness in your day through breathwork or looking to strengthen your core and balance, this channel has everything you need.

Type of workout: Yoga

Price of subscription: Free

Social media platforms have made workout classes easily accessible. These online workouts can be done anytime and anywhere so getting fit from your bedroom has never been so easy.  Try to take the time out of your day to move your body and watch how you feel as a result.

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