How Free Soul’s Women in Wellness are taking on the New Year

How Free Soul’s Women in Wellness are taking on the New Year

This January, we’re here to help you put sustainable, healthy habits in place, to become the best version of yourself. So, if you’re feeling the pressure to make resolutions, discover how some of Free Soul’s Women in Wellness are taking on the New Year…

Building a Realistic Routine: The Importance of Structure and Enjoyment

Free Soul Ambassador Alex talks about the importance of creating a realistic routine to bring structure, healthy goals and habits back into your life. 

There’s no point in creating a 10-step morning routine, if you’re not going to stick to it. Instead take things back to basics and think about sleeping and waking up at the same time to create structure instead. Similarly, it’s so important to create a routine you’ll actually enjoy, just because you see people journaling, doesn’t mean you should journal if it’s not something you’ll enjoy. You’ll find that when you enjoy the routine you create, you’ll have greater success in sticking to it too. 

The Power of Accountability: Investing in a Coach for Wellness Goals

This New Year Free Soul Ambassador Amy has invested in a coach. 

Creating a routine is the easiest part, it’s sticking to it, day-in day-out and when life gets busy, that can be difficult. Investing in a coach can help to bring accountability into your life, you’re no longer the only one relying on you - there’s someone else there to help motivate you too. Plus, even as a woman in wellness, there’s always something else you can learn - so don’t be afraid to ask for help, or seek out other experts who can help you level up your wellness even further. 

A Positive Relationship with Food: Adding vs. Subtracting from Your Diet

This year, Free Soul Ambassador Andy is focussing on what she can add to her diet, not what she’s taking away. 

Whether you have a goal in mind, you’re looking to balance your hormones or you’re suffering from allergies and intolerances, the best way to build a positive relationship with your diet is to focus on adding, rather than taking away. For example, if you’re trying out veganuary, think about the wide variety of plants, pulses and more you can incorporate into meals, rather than everything you should avoid eating, like cheese, meat and fish. 

Finding Balance: Dedicating Time Each Week to Self-Care and Happiness

Free Soul Ambassador Bailey is dedicating a day each week to doing what makes her happy.

It's important to remember, no matter what your goals are, you'll still need to bring balance in your life. Focusing all of your time and energy on one thing can be draining, and it's just as important to give yourself time to recharge as it is to spend time working towards your goals. It's easy to let that time sit at the bottom of your priority list, so this year, make sure you're scheduling me-time, in the same way you would a dinner with friends, or a call at work. Block it out in your diary, and spend time doing whatever it is that makes you feel like the best version of you.

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